LEDs are emerging out as a reliable and eco-friendly lighting solution. Since its inception, LED has advanced itself in different ways to rack up the needs of the customers from different eras. The fluorescent bulbs and CFL lights do more harm than good. With the rising issue of global warming, we are in need of an eco-friendly switch. That’s why we have adopted eco-friendly LED lights over high power consuming CFLs.

Nordusk LED

Different kinds of LED bulbs are available in the market to satisfy everyone’s needs. Different parts of your home need different light intensity and color. At Nordusk, the array of LEDs will leave you spoilt for choices. So, take a look at some must-have LED lights for your home that will not only jazz up the look but also save a lot of costs.

1. LED Bulb:

LED bulbs provide uniform light output that perfectly illuminates a place with lesser waste and pollution than incandescent bulbs. The energy efficient and environmentally friendly solution is highly suitable for modern architecture lighting. Nordusk LED boasts about providing 80% energy savings that will obviously cut down your utility costs. You can also change the ambience of any room with dimmable LED bulbs according to your mood.

 LED Bulbs

2. LED Battens:

LED battens produce less heat, uniform lighting and offer significant savings on account of power consumption. If your home has high ceiling installing LED batten is a good idea as it provides light in each corner. These are slimmer and shorter than regular tube lights and very easy to install. Nordusk LED battens are flicker-free and come with long lifespan and zero maintenance.

LED Battens


3. Strip lights:

LED strip lights look like a long strip with small twinkling stars beaded in it. What’s nice about LED strips is that they’re thin and flexible, so you can put them in places where traditional bulbs can’t go, like under cabinets, in drawers, under couches and beds, shelves, decks etc. It’s up to your aesthetic sense and imagination where you’ll place the strips. LED strip lights installed in open riser stairs look cool and also can make those gaps visible as you head down to get your midnight snacks in the dark.

LED Strip Lights


4. LED Candles:

LED candles in India are also dearly accepted for their soft glow that adds a magical charm in any room. Candles have been a mainstay in homes for centuries. However, to avoid the risks related to it, LED candles are adopted instead of a real flame. These candles are clean, easy to maintain, and cause no mess or fuss. The warm glow of the light immediately transforms the mood of a room and set a subtle ambience. LED candles are beautiful and worry-free addition to your centerpiece, table, sideboard or mantel. 

LED Candles