Rustic decor is a comfortable blend of homespun craft and pleasing arrangement of lights that effortlessly create an inviting ambiance. With the arrival of LED bulbs in Kolkata, such kind of rustic decor has become a norm here as well. LED lights are quite elegant and they can instantly lend a subtle rustic charm to your living space. Be it a contemporary home or a farmhouse, LED lights can be arranged to build up a rustic decor.

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So what are you waiting for? You can bring this vintage vibe into your space by incorporating these cool ideas.

1. Rustic chandeliers create unique statement

Handmade to your specifications, rustic chandeliers are simply awesome. They help you make a unique statement. Create a breathtaking light fixture with a wooden plate attached on the ceiling and hang the light fixtures which make them look like floating lights in the mid-air due to the hidden hanging system. Fix LED candles in the fixtures and hang them at varying heights, to offer depth and eye appeal.

 2. Barn Pulley for hanging lamps


A subtle touch of rustics to your contemporary home perks up the grandeur of your living space. LED lights hanging down from the barn pulley is not only a functional choice but also an aesthetic option, especially when you are looking to impart a rustic vibe to your space. Use LED bulbs in this DIY fixture and you can adjust them to create a perfect illumination.

3. String lights on the beams


Sounds a bit weird right? Well, it can be a great way to cover up the extended beams of your living space. With LED strings you can easily create a drama in your living space. You choose colors and finishes; to custom create your very own space. To notch up this space, you can create a DIY fixture or can purchase a ready-to-install system.

4. Wall lights with mason jars

A perfect rustic decor is not only funky, it’s functional too. It’s a totally homespun design and four mason jars will be enough to deck up a rustic corner. Fetch lighting cords and LED strips. Hang everything from a common base and you get an elegant chandelier, quirky with a distinct homely touch. This awesome lighting arrangement effortlessly fits with any decor setting, be it contemporary or rustic.

When it comes to rustic decor, LED lights can work wonder. If you are planning to impart a country vibe to your living space, these cool ideas can come handy