Imagine, it’s a cold winter’s night, you’re cuddled up with a hot cup of coffee, a nice book or maybe a cute little rom-com. We bet you thought of a cosy little nook with warm lights? Well, of course. Whether you want that quaint rustic charm or that upscale minimalistic vibe, you can’t go wrong with strip lights. 

Read this blog to know how you can use strip lights in your space to make it look uber-sophisticated. Rope lights, as the name suggests, are small lights put together in a jacket which looks like a rope of light. This type of lighting is usually used as decorative pieces and adds a hint of light in addition to making the space look really cool. They are easy to install and work with, and are therefore perfect for DIY interior décor projects at home. They are available in a variety of sizes, colours and luminosity. They add a soft glow to the room and are very popular in interior décor.

Here’s a variety of ways to style them

Add a touch of warmth to your stairs:

By adding strips of lights to stairs, you can add a touch of sophistication. In a more practical sense, strip lights can be used to add more light to your spaces without having an overpowering presence. Sombre and yet super effective! 

Add a dreamy coolness to any space

Whether it is your bedroom or your kitchen, strip lights are multifunctional. Just by picking the right colours, you can add a dreamy coolness to your space. With the right lights, you can lift the mood of the room and create a space that oozes drama, style and glamour! Lights aren’t just for cosy nooks, you know?

Add a touch of chic to any space

Adding strip lights on ceilings in a tasteful way can transform the space. Whether you want a minimalist style or a more dramatic effect, picking stunning colours will add a chic and sophisticated look to any space. This is also a tip to make the ceiling look taller and who doesn’t want that? 


If you don’t want to install strip lights on a permanent basis, you can always use them during festival seasons and give your home a joyful glow that’s sure to be a mood lifter. Whether it is Diwali or Christmas, these gorgeous lights are super to bring in that festive charm with ease! 

Nordusk’s range of stunning strip lights are easily suited for any space.  They are easy to install and very easy to clean.  Another advantage of Nordusk strip lights is that they are flexible and more robust. Thus, unlike string lights, these strip lights can be used regularly without the fear of damage, making them more durable. The durability factor has made these strip lights more popular than other forms of decorative lighting since they last longer and can be customized according to personal choices and preferences.

They can be used as both ambient lighting (a primary source of light) or accent lighting (lighting meant for décor). Strip lights are thus a perfect addition to any interior décor design.