Lighting for commercial spaces differ based on the purpose of the space. For instance, the lighting used in a hotel is not the same as the lighting that would be ideal for a gallery. Choosing the right kind of lighting can make or break the ambiance you are aiming for.

While LED lights are the most efficient option for commercial spaces, there is also a selection of LED lights to choose from. One of the most popular ones among these is commercial LED track lights.

Track lights are multiple light fixtures attached to a continuous track that is mounted on or suspended from the ceiling. These LED track lights are used for specific purposes like: 

  1. Lighting in a particular direction: The flexibility of track lights allows them to be pointed in any direction. Each fixture in the track can be customised according to your requirement.  

  2. Lighting for unusual layouts: Not all commercial spaces are square in shape. Some have unique architectural designs. The tracks in track lighting can easily be customised using connectors and tracks of different lengths. Hence, it is easy to follow the unique layout while maintaining uniform lighting. 

  3. For highlighting purposes: In museums, salons, and spaces that display items, lighting that points towards the item on display is crucial. With flexible track lights, highlighting specific items in a space at any angle is easily possible.

  4. For minimally invasive installation: Installing new lights often means structural remodelling. However, commercial LED track lights require no remodelling of the ceiling as they can be easily mounted or suspended. Even the individual lights can be clipped on to any place on the track.  

  5. For aesthetic reasons: LED track lights in a commercial space add a unique aesthetic to the room. The sleek appearance suits most commercial spaces by making them look sophisticated and well lit.   

The right kind of lighting in commercial spaces is often what decides an individual’s experience there. Understanding the significance of lighting, Nordusk offers high-quality commercial LED track lights for commercial purposes. For retail stores, museums, galleries, salons, and more, our LED track lighting can not only be energy-efficient and long-lasting but also provide the desired ambiance and drive more people into your space. Check out Nordusk’s premium range of LED lights for all your lighting solutions.