It is almost unbelievable how light can instantly transform a space! It makes the room look more comfortable and welcoming. However, for a room to look and feel good, you need to have the right LED lighting fixtures and types of lights for each room. For many people, light is light. It all seems the same. However, LED domestic light bulbs and industrial lights aren’t all the same. There are a few, but major differences between the two. Continue reading to learn the differences between LED domestic lights and industrial lights.


Domestic Lights

Industrial Lights


Domestic lights usually range between Rs. 110/- to a few hundred. No matter what kind of domestic light you choose, it is not going to make a hole in your pocket, for sure.

Given the fact that industrial lights are manufactured to endure rougher conditions, it is more expensive. It can cost around a few lakhs as it has the ability to illuminate a larger area than domestic lights.

Harsh Conditions

Though LED domestic light bulbs are suitable for slightly unpredictable weather conditions, they cannot withstand rough conditions like extreme temperatures and so on.

Industrial lights are designed for harsh conditions for a typical industrial facility that include constant high vibrations and extreme temperatures.

Additional Features

Different colour lights that go with your mood is possible with domestic LED light bulbs. You can choose from warm white, natural white or cool white. There are also many other features like adjustable luminosity/brightness, colour-changing technology, motion sensors and more.

On the other hand, industrial lights don’t come with any such additional features.


Using the right kind of lights and fixtures will allow you to illuminate and showcase every nook and corner. There is a wide range of LED domestic lights available for ambient, task, and accent lighting. If you want to highlight a textured wall, you can do so with LED lights that are perfect for accent lighting like cove lights and candlelights, and so on.

However, there are not many choices available for industrial lights.


The purpose of domestic lights is to provide natural light during the night or on gloomy days. It should illuminate the space so that the person can easily navigate through the room. It makes the space more functional and cosy.  

Industrial lights focus on functionality that allows you to be more attentive while doing some task.


LED lights in general are very durable. They require very little maintenance.

Industrial lights are even more durable compared to domestic lights. Since they are manufactured for the demanding conditions, it is capable of lasting longer.

Mood Lighting

Yes, domestic lights come in a range of colours that are perfect for mood lighting. LED strip lights and spotlights are the best choices for mood lighting.

Industrial lights have no such feature.

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