Imagine this. You’re hosting an outdoor party. Your friends are there, it is late in the evening and you need to switch on the lights. What lights are you imagining? Is it warm and yellow? Is it bright? Well, read this blog to know how outdoor lights are to be used to make your space the comfiest best! 

Now, this is the reason why it is important to consider many factors before buying outdoor lighting. First things first, go for a lighting solution that makes all your outdoor areas including front yards, backyards, balconies, garden, etc. look good effortlessly. Don’t settle for random lighting options just because that was the only one available. At Nordusk, we have a wide range of indoor, as well as, outdoor lighting solutions. Keep the outdoor looks coordinated, just like the indoors. 

‘What colour lighting matches for your outdoor?’  - is there even such a thing? Well, designers world over agree that while outdoor lights are purpose based, there is also an element design to it. You should select a colour that matches your landscape. Colour temperature means how yellow or white the light should be. It is important to stay away from cooler light temperatures when it comes to outdoor lighting. These kinds of lighting can make your space look unnatural which will eventually make you feel uneasy. Using extremely intense lights in smaller spaces like balconies make it rather uncomfortable too. 

Outdoor lighting looks blissful with warm LED lights that range from 2700K to 3000K. Warm lights give you a warm, comfortable feeling. Similarly, if you want to give the place a romantic touch, it is better to go with the lower end of the Kelvin scale like 2000K. It gives the same ambience of a candle or glowing bonfire. However, for front yards or backyards that demand more visibility, you can always go with artificial moonlights. These are 4000K and should be placed in higher areas. These lights should ideally aim downwards, just like how moons appear.

If you have large areas like a backyard, parking lot, you can consider LED street lights, these lights illuminate large areas quite comfortably. Choosing lights is really a science. It is utility based; for instance, if you have an outdoor space that you host parties in you want the lights just enough so everybody can comfortably see each other, but not so much that they feel like they are being watched. 

Finally, not all outdoor lights are permanent fixtures. When it is diwali or christmas lights, it is best to go with decorative but sturdy pieces you can keep putting up every year. Rope lights can even be displayed in different shapes to give it that extra touch of festivity. We’ve all seen how wonderful and creative people get with their lights during the festive season and you can be one of them as well!

Comfort and relaxation might be what you associate most when you select outdoor lighting. Along with enhancing the aesthetics, these lights should be pleasing to your eyes too. LED lights not only make your space look warm and cozy but also save nearly 80% on energy. Different ranges on the Kelvin scale (the measure that determines the colour in LED lights) deliver different results. Nordusk offers you outdoor lighting solutions that range from LED street lights to LED rope lights. An ideal outdoor colour temperature should stay between 2000K, if you are into warm settings, to 6500K, if you want to imitate daylight or moonlight. And, Nordusk has it all. 

In short, warm white lights(2700K) looks good for landscape lighting but warm or natural lighting, which is cooler than 2700k but not cooler than 3000K still works for landscape. If you want a bright and vibrant colour tone, you should go for LEDs that range from 3000-4500K and lights that stay in the range 4500K-6500K can draw attention to one central focus. Now it is the time for you to explore the magic of colours with Nordusk LED lights. Stay in style while saving fashionably.