You just walked into a room. You feel like there isn’t enough light, and then you check out the bedroom, but the lights feel too bright! But you installed the same tube lights in the space, how is it possible that the lights are so vastly different? Well, the size of the room makes all the difference to how you can experience light.

Each room in a house serves a purpose and for the same reason, your lighting choices must reflect that. The type of fixtures, intensity of light, and location of lighting should all differ between spaces. So, what is the difference between lighting needs for a bedroom and a common area? Keep reading to find out!

Let’s first talk about the common areas. A living room is a lounging spot, not just for you but for the guests too. The lighting choice for the living area should also reflect the same. It should be perfect for casual entertainment, cozy movie nights, and other common activities. If you have a TV in your living room, you should make sure your lighting choices won’t cause shadows or glare. Nordusk LED lights come with a dimmable solution. It changes the visual appearance of a room and also is an energy-efficient choice for a living room. Ideally, you can use 10-20 lumen per square foot for the living room.

When it comes to choosing lights for the bedroom, different activities from dressing to sleeping have to be considered while choosing the lighting. Ceiling lights can keep the vibe of a bedroom intact. However, for practical applications like dressing or applying makeup,it is better to go with focused task lighting from desk lamps, table lamps or low hanging pendants. LEDs of different temperatures can be used for this. Nordusk has a wide range of collections in indoor LED lighting. Never go for white or blue bulbs in bedrooms as they can inhibit your sleep. It is always recommended to use warmer lights for the bedroom to give a relaxing and calming effect.

LED lights should be the one and only lighting solution to be considered, especially for a home. It not only saves energy but will also last for long periods of time. For example, Nordusk LED lights even provide a warranty up to 2 years. Shop the best from the best!