Can you imagine a world without lights? It might be quite hard to even imagine something like that because we have been blessed with electric lights for so long that we often take it for granted. Lights have become an all too common online purchase much like everything else. A click here, an add to cart there and that’s all. But a lot of times people are disappointed with what they buy and what they end up with. Here’s a guide with do’s and don’t to make your online lighting products shopping hassle-free and smooth.


If you do proper homework and seek expert advice, online shopping is beneficial in many ways when it comes to buying lighting products online. Here are a few do’s to keep in mind while shopping for lighting solutions online.

  1. Have a clear idea of what you need

Before you start your search online,  get answers to a few questions to understand what you should be looking at. What is the price point and what is the purpose of these lights. Make a mental note of these factors or discuss them with your designer before you hit that add to cart.

  1. Know your space

Know the dimensions of your rooms, ceilings, wiring possibilities, etc. before you buy indoor lighting products online. If required, you should measure your rooms before deciding on the lighting products. Small spaces with bright lights are jarring and are often a design disaster!

  1. Seek advice from experts

Never stop yourself from asking help. You can seek advice from your local lighting expert or you can contact the online store via email/chat/phone to clear your concerns.

  1. Choose the best lighting solution provider

Go for branded lighting solution providers like Nordusk. Not only do they offer a wide range of collections for indoor, outdoor, and commercial lighting but the brand also guarantees high-quality products without fail.


Online shopping brings you the convenience and comfort of cost-efficiency, flexibility, a wide range of selection, and a lot more. Do not spoil these benefits with some wrong decisions. Here are a few don’ts to take care of while you shop online.

  1. Don’t select the same lighting solution for all rooms

It is a very common mistake people make. Each space requires different kinds of lighting. For example, the kitchen lighting has to be more bright compared to bathroom lighting. Visualise the rooms and think about the functionality before you buy lights for each room.  

  1. Don’t forget to check out the ratings.

Check out ratings and reviews of the products before you check out the products as the images or the reviews will give you a better understanding about the product.

  1. Don’t buy fluorescent lights

They are out of trend and no longer used in homes nor in commercial spaces these days. Moreover, fluorescent lights are not good for health. LED lighting solutions, on the other hand, are good for health, mercury-free, cool, and offer a wide range of designs and colour options. LED lights are best for home as well commercial spaces.

  1. Don’t settle for anything

Don’t choose style over functionality. But at the same time, don’t settle for lights that won’t match your decor. With brands like Nordusk, you will never have to worry about finding the right lighting solution that serves purpose while enhancing the looks of your home.

Buying lighting solutions online is not child’s play. But it isn’t a tedious task as well. The entire process is all about a little research and finding the right lighting solution provider. We know how important lights are to a home. That’s the reason why we bring high-quality lights with longer lifespans, more colour options, high luminous capacity, etc. to you through Nordusk. We light up not just your rooms but your lives too!