Are the flickering tube lights getting on your nerves? And, you are looking for a way out to get rid of this? Well, the answer is right here. Nordusk LED brings you an awesome range of LED battens that offer bright, flicker free, uniform lighting output and that too with a much lesser power consumption. Past few years have witnessed the surging popularity of the LED lights in the domestic as well as in the commercial and industrial sectors.

Why It Is Time To Switch To LED Battens

  • Here’s why it’s high time to choose to LED battens.

Cuts Down the Energy Bills

The biggest reason why you should consider upgrading to LED batten is that it significantly cuts down your cost. As they consume less electricity, they cut down the energy bills. This is why they are twice more efficient than a regular tube light. Replacing all your tube lights with LED battens will result in collective savings thus ensuing significant reduction of the energy bills.

LED Battens

Energy Consumption

Low power consumption makes LED battens a preferred choice over the tube lights and the incandescent. With tube lights and incandescent lights, there’s always an anxiety of high electricity bills as they consume a lot of energy to produce illumination. On the other hand, energy efficient LED battens produce brighter illumination without consuming much energy. Unlike the traditional lights, the energy produced by the LED is mostly transformed into light instead of heat which is practically wasted.

Nordusk LED Battens

Extended Lifespan

Traditional incandescent and tube lights results in frequent replacement as they have limited lifespan. On the other hand, LED battens can go on up to 25000 hours without breaking down. By doing this, you can save quite a lot of money.

Nordusk LED Battens Kolkata

Brightness Level

Considering the brightness quotient, LED battens are the better alternative than the traditional tube lights and the incandescent bulbs. Moreover, the brightness of LED luminaries does not deteriorate over the time and remain consistent throughout its lifespan. While on the other hand, the brightness level of the normal tube lights sinks overtime. As a result, you need to invest on replacing your tube light, which you can otherwise save by investing in the LED light.

Nordusk Neptune LED Battens

Considering the functional aspects, an LED light is always a better alternative than the traditional luminaries. Even from the aesthetic point of view, the bright LED battens are amazing. They enhance even a dull setting by instantly notching up bright ambiance.