Top LED bulb manufacturers in Jharkhand

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Top LED bulb manufacturers in Jharkhand

Nordusk offers long-living, sustainable lighting solutions for your home or office, or commercial space. These lights are also good for the environment and personal health. Nordusk LED lights guarantee energy savings of up to 80%. We are one of the top LED bulb manufacturers in Jharkhand. If you want to buy LED bulbs online in Jamshedpur, Nordusk is the best feasible option to go with. 


Nordusk LED lights have high luminous efficacy with several colour options. They come in different shapes and styles making them a feasible option for all settings like indoor, outdoor, or commercial spaces. The dimmable lighting solution feature makes these lights a safe option for the eyes. Nordusk is also one of the leading LED bulb wholesale dealers in Jharkhand. Thus, Nordusk becomes a feasible option in case you are buying LED lights in bulk for your home or any commercial space. 

Being the top-notch LED lights manufacturers & suppliers Jharkhand, Nordusk offers high-quality LED Lights that are ergonomically designed that ensures a longer lifespan. For the same reason, they are the best lighting solution for homes as well as commercial spaces. On top of that, Nordusk LED lights even come with 2 years of warranty. So, trust the best LED bulb distributor in Jharkhand, and go for Nordusk without any second thoughts!