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More than our homes, the place where we spend our maximum time and effort is our offices. A great lighting environment can have a good effect on our moods and motivate us to work better. Office lighting solutions however is quite different from commercial or domestic lighting. Proper lighting design helps to reduce our stress and increase our work energy. One must ensure to avoid eye strain with proper lighting and choose a luminaires with anti-glare property. Our LED lights with 80% energy savings also comes with anti-glare property and high luminous efficacy.

A standard office space may consist different zones, such as –

  • CEO Office is about 100 sq ft or more
  • Basic cabin space is about 75 sq ft or more
  • Conference Room is about 300 sq ft or more
  • Reception is about 300 sq ft or more
  • Standard cubicle is about 48 sq ft or more

The required light level for your office is around 100 – 400 lux level while the activity area requires about 300-400 lux level

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